Early Review for (mt) Media Temple and the (dv) Dedicated Virtual

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Robert Tonnies


It was really a hard move. It was time to switch our company’s hosting service, transfer all the sites, upgrade the plan … basically, it was time to pack up and move! We spent an inordinate amount of time researching the various hosting options out there. Internet, phone calls, word-of-mouth reviews, even making a list of what companies and developers are using what service. About 2 weeks ago, we decided to go with (mt) Media Temple’s (dv) Dedicated Virtual hosting option.

The Decision:

We had a lot of reasons for choosing (mt). Some of them I would say were “good” business-wise reasons, and some of them were “bad” — reasons that should not have been a real factor in the decision, but played out in any case.

Heavy Reasons:

1. Reviews. With any hosting service, you are going to get MIXED reviews. There is never going to be a hands-down 100% favored hosting service. This is quite simply because the various customers of a hosting service select different hosting PLANS, and then review the entire company based on their experience with that particular plan. With (mt) for instance, users who were using their (gs) Grid Service, seemed to have mixed feelings overall. This was not surprising, because of the nature of a grid service. However, users of their (dv) Dedicated Virtual were singing praises as high as we’ve heard of any hosting service.

2. Fixed pricing. Their pricing and payment appeared to be straightforward and haggle-free. Unlike and others, where at every step and every click you are hit with more offers, promotions, and deals, (mt) has pricing standards, obvious break-points, no “enticing” or gimicky deals posted all over, and transparency of costs. Yes, their pricing seems “high”, but that is because it is a fixed, no-hassle price for a truly valuable and functional service. We loved this.

3. Plesk and resell. They allow you to certify and resell their (dv) service. And moreover, they offer you a backend (PLESK), where you are able to organize your resale customers and allot them the space and traffic on your (dv) that they need. This was HUGE. We provide hosting to our clients through this (dv) with the promise that their site will always be fast and will never go down. Because of (mt) and PLESK, we can keep this promise for our own customers.

Light Reasons:

1. Our favorite developers use (mt). Why is this a light reason? … Well, after a lot of reading, we learned that (mt) hosts these industry favs of ours at no charge, so long as they are endorsed in the process. Naturally, this isn’t as cool as a situation where a developer actually pays for the hosting service because it is so top-notch. In any case, it influenced us.

2. Branding. Their branding is off-the-charts awesome. Everything they produce looks, feels, and functions with a sleek edge that just makes you want to go with them. Yes, this is a bad reason — but as designers ourselves, a huge influence whether we liked it or not.

Two Weeks In

With sincerity, we couldn’t be more pleased with our (mt) experience so far. It is early in the move. But we wanted to sing our own praises already.

- First and foremost, customer service has been like a dreamworld. Readily available (via chat, phone, or Skype), incredibly kind and helpful, no phone-promotions or annoying distractions — as it should be: simply, direct, effective, and friendly help when we needed it.

- The (dv) is like the server that “needs no introduction.” It does everything they say it does. And we will continue to scale our payment as we need more of the (dv) for our clients. Always up, always fast, … two weeks in, zero complaints.

- Plesk is like candyland for developers. After dealing with so many hosting service dashboards and control panels (some of them just dreadful in terms of functionality and navigation), Plesk is the breath of fresh air you really never thought you’d find.

In a Nuttshell

All praise for Media Temple. What more can we say? If something changes in terms of our experience, we will update our review status. But we don’t see this happening, so this post might stand as the only review we need to express for (mt).

Let us know if you have any questions.

About the Author

Robert Tonnies Greenmark Studios

Robert is the founder and chief front-end designer at Greenmark Studios. He's been building things on the web since there was a web, and has recently hit the Silicon Prairie in Kansas City, providing top-notch, honest, and personal web design & development to local businesses. Find him on or drop a line on Greenmark's Facebook.


  1. (mt) Sara says:

    Wow, thanks so much you guys! This is an extremely honest and thorough review. I wanted to address one tiny thing, if you don’t mind.

    “we learned that (mt) hosts these industry favs of ours at no charge, so long as they are endorsed in the process. Naturally, this isn’t as cool as a situation where a developer actually pays for the hosting service because it is so top-notch.”

    This is more of an exception than a rule. Yes, there are some industry leaders who we are directly partnered with that have a special setup with us. But this is not the case with all or most of these types of clients.

    Thanks again for the stellar review! Remember, we’re available 24/7 for support via chat, Skype, phone and Twitter too!

  2. roberttonnies says:

    You guys are fast at finding these things! Thanks for dropping a line, and we are happy to be on board the (mt) train!

  3. Luke says:

    Media Temple or (mt) is really great. I’m not new to wordpress. I have been using WP for quite some time and I have been moving from one “cheap” web hosting to another. But it was only with (mt) that my site grew. Highly recommended.