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THE Guide: What Every Small Business should know about Website Design

Abstract –> Whether you are a rapidly growing roofing company, a start-up boutique, or a music enthusiast offering free-lance piano lessons, a professional website will be your secret weapon in attracting more business and keeping your current customers from wandering. Introduction Heavy weight paper, a dash of fancy font, and the sweet smell of fresh […]

Tutorial – Setting Up Multiple WordPress Sites Using MAMP Pro

Abstract We noticed around the web that there were very few quick, straight-shooting tutorials on how to set up multiple WordPress sites on MAMP Pro. We also noticed that many people were having trouble doing this very thing; and for a developer, running multiple sites is really the purpose of purchasing MAMP Pro. Hopefully this […]

Early Review for (mt) Media Temple and the (dv) Dedicated Virtual

It was really a hard move. It was time to switch our company’s hosting service, transfer all the sites, upgrade the plan … basically, it was time to pack up and move! We spent an inordinate amount of time researching the various hosting options out there. Internet, phone calls, word-of-mouth reviews, even making a list […]

3 Most Easily-Avoided Mistakes of Rookie Freelance Designers

Number 1 – Don’t pretend that you are a hot-shot design studio If your potential client is looking for a large, hip, long-running, corporate-style design studio, they will go find one. And, as such, they won’t be looking for you. If by chance they do find you, sooner or later (and hopefully sooner for your […]